Our goal is to build modern, flexible, competitive distribution channels for our trading partners' products.
We choose companies that allow us to implement our mission, i.e. offer:
- good quality products and useful for our customers
- the price of products is adequate to the functionality and their quality
- provide support when selling products (service, availability of goods).

We provide our services based on our website, sales points, direct sales and mobile services.
The company was founded in 2003. Earlier, it operated under the name nesscom.
Web Software
The company from the beginning of its activity deals in the creation of websites and web applications. We also provide services in the form of a subcontractor for other companies providing services in the area of creating Internet solutions.
We are currently focusing on the maintenance and development of our own services
- jjaba
- wolinx

Our services are proprietary solutions based on such technologies as java, htm, css, java script, jquery, linux and others.
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